Singapore GP - Qualifying

19th September 2015
Kimi Raikkonen: “I’m happy to finish third considering the difficult day I’ve had compared to yesterday. I have been struggling all day with the set up of my car, finding the grip and the balance. It was difficult to make the car work as I wanted. We always try to do our best in a race weekend and here it seems to work. Some places seem to favour one team and some others other teams, this time we have been having a pretty ok weekend so far. Our aim is to improve for the race, tomorrow we’ll see how strong our opponents are, we’ll try to do our best and hopefully have a stronger race as a team.”

Kimi quotes from Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying Conference

Q. Your second consecutive top three qualifying this season and how do you like Ferrari’s race pace tomorrow?
Kimi: Well, we’ll set it tomorrow. Obviously we had some difficulties yesterday on my side. I think Seb has a good run yesterday. Obviously quite a good result for the team today. I was not very happy since this morning for whatever reason, so I’m a bit surprised to be in this position after how difficult it felt all day. But it was good and we have to try to do a good job tomorrow and hopefully get the two cars on the podium.

Q. Were you sweating a little bit towards that end of that Q1 session with the decision to not go out on a supersoft set. Kimi: Not really, because obviously the lap, you know if it’s a good lap or not. I think even with that lap we probably could have gone through, just wanted to with the first set. So it was quite OK. There’s always a chance that people start guessing and it can get more hectic but it was fine and just for whatever reason it’s been a difficult day, just lacking in grip and struggling a bit on braking and turn-in, so not in an ideal position but in the end the result is OK for how difficult it’s been today, so I’m sure we found something for tomorrow so it should be OK. It’s good for the team. Obviously we’ll try to have a strong race to finish 1-2 tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. Q. How much pressure there is after what happened in Monza in the start and is it better to start from the cleaner side of the street? How much that helps?
Kimi: If it makes a difference we don’t know. There is no pressure from what happened. It doesn’t change for tomorrow.