Canadian GP - Kimi's column

12th June 2007
What a Casino! The Canadian Grand Prix was once again a very difficult race for us all. Obviously we did not get the result we expected, but after all the problems we experienced, I would say finishing fifth was not that bad. It could have gone much, much worse out there. The whole weekend was difficult. We did not have as strong package as we hoped for. We try as hard as ever to improve it for the next race and we see the result as soon as after a couple of days during this weekend in Indianapolis. I just chill out and play some icehockey before moving to USA. The best thing in Canada for me this time was the meeting with the school kids arranged by Bridgestone. They asked me what ever they wished. It was really nice. I just love to talk to the kids. There were all smiles. But it was not that nice to answer the questions after the qualifying and the race. The race was very hectic with all the safety car periods. Even at the my start I touched Felipe with my front wing at the first corner so it was never handling 100% and after Robert Kubica's accident I was loosing a lot of downforce on the car. The fact was that I had some debris from Robert's accident stuck in my front wing. That is why it was so difficult to say anything about the real potential of the car. The car was not turning properly to the corners. Then I lost also my brakes. Suddenly it went down and I lost one position to Sato. It was pretty difficult, while not knowing when the brakes were working and when they did not work. The main thing was, that we got some points. While also Fernando and Felipe had some problems, we managed to reduce the gap to them. Hamilton won and is now 21 points ahead of me. Of course, I rather would lead myself, but I am certain, that also Lewis will have his share of not so good races. At the moment we keep pushing to get the maximum out of each race. The last three races have not been what I expected but I will do my best for myself and the team. We would need a maximum result. That would help a lot. McLaren have been the fastest car for the past two races and it will be important for Ferrari to regain the momentum we had in the early part of the year. The next stop is Indianapolis. It is difficult to say what to expect from there. We really won't know before we get there. But I enjoy the circuit and Indy has been a good circuit for Ferrari in the past, so I am really looking forward to next weekend. It is a bit strange circuit. There is this very long straight, so you have to have a good speed for that. The infield section is very tight and you have to take some corners with the smallest gear. However you are able to overtake, if you are quick enough in that straight. Usually I have had good races there without problems. I wish all the best for Robert Kubica. Hopefully he is able to race in Indy. All the drivers are delighted to see Robert is not injured, which is a testament to the safety standard of a modern day F1 car. It was a very big accident.