Canadian GP - A special visit

6th June 2007
The week of the Canadian GP started for Kimi Raikkonen with an uncommon visit. The Finnish Ferrari driver visited Montreal's Coronation School this morning, where he was welcomened with great enthusiasm by more than 200 pupils from age four to fourteen. Kimi, very relaxed and smiling, chatted to the young Formula One tifosi about his work as a racing driver, about his career and his new team: "Ferrari is a legend and in Formula One they are famous for their extremely friendly interaction. I've been here just for some month, but I can already say that it is true: you feel fine, there is a very friendly climate and I am happy to be here." Before Kimi left in the direction of Canada he committed to the Ferrari website his thoughts about the upcoming races, which are particularly demanding: "Montreal is the first of four races in five weeks and we also have a test session at Silverstone between the second and the third race. That's why it was nice to have a short break at home in Finland. I trained a lot and I also spent some time at the sea, as it was a real summery week. The disappointment from Monaco has been stored in the archives. Now my batteries are fully charged for Montreal. We had two days at Le Castellet to prepare for that race and we had positive results; although you can never be completely sure, even if the two tracks are quite similar but not identical. What is sure is that I can get the max out of the car: this is a feeling I had at Paul Ricard but also during the free practice at Monte Carlo." Kimi usually remains composed and not even this time he wanted to open up: "I have never driven a Ferrari in Montreal or at Indy; so I really can't know how it will work on these two tracks, but I know that traditionally the Scuderia is very strong here; that is a real encouragement. I'm sure that we will not be a minute behind McLaren, as it was the case in Monaco. I won in Montreal two years ago. I like the city, it's one of the nicest of the whole calendar. The track distinguishes itself by sectors with fierce acceleration and braking actions; you need to find the right balance between aerodynamic charge, which has to be quite low, and stability during braking." Although Kimi is down in the standings, he does not think he's cut off from the fight for the title: "I am fourth, 15 points behind the leader: that's not an abyss and with some good results, accompanied maybe even by some misstep of the competitors, the situation will change. Just as Todt said, if I was behind like that two races before the end of the season, my chances would be almost nil; but with twelve races to go it is not a gap I can't bridge. True, the races in Barcelona and Monte Carlo did not go very well for me, but I think I can still fight for the title. I'll do my best to always get as many points as possible and then we will see how the standings are. I learned that in Formula One you can very quickly pass from being a hero to being a nobody: that's the nature of this sport. I can just do my homework well and give the best I can of myself."