Canadian GP - Kimi's column

5th June 2007
Hero or zero. It is a rough series of races ahead. There are three Grand Prix in next four weeks' time. In addition to that we have also a test in Silverstone between the second and the third race. Because of this busy time it felt great, for a while, to drop by back at home in Finland. I trained hard and spent some time at sea, too. The weather was just fine, a real summer. I've got a good feeling before leaving for America. Monaco is just a distant memory. Now everything is charged for Canada. Before Monaco we tested in Le Castellet the car set up for Montreal. Felipe took care of the work for Monaco and I tested the car in a circuit configured for Canada-style. The car felt very good, but you never know how it goes, when you do not test in the same circuit where you race. We'll have to wait to see just how competitive we are, when we arrive in Montreal. If something I know that I can take the best out of the car. That gave me a very good feeling during the test and also in the practice in Monaco. I have never driven the Ferrari in Montreal or in Indianapolis, so I can not say how the car goes in those circuits. In any case the team has had good results in both places. That is very encouraging, indeed. We can expect interesting races. One thing is for sure. McLaren will not be one minute ahead of us, like they were in Monaco. The nature of Montreal is so different compared to Monaco, although we speak about two street circuits. I won in Canada two years ago. Like every circuit you need to get the set up exactly right. You need a well balanced car in low downforce configuration and a car that is not too hard on brakes. I have always liked the weekend of Montreal. It is one of the nicest places to visit and I enjoy the stop and go style of the circuit. Qualifying is important, but it is not essential to get a good result. There are one or two places to overtake. We are now forth in the championship and 15 points behind the leaders. The gap is not that big and my position is not that miserable, not at all. A couple of good races for us and a couple of bad ones for the competitors and the whole situation would look totally different. Like the team boss Mr Todt said, if we would be 15 points behind and it would be only two races to go, my fight for the championship would be over. But it is still 12 races to go, so 15 points' gap is not that big. The last two results have not been good for me. However I feel I am still very much in with a chance of fighting for the championship. I will do my best to finish and win as many races as possible and we will see at the end of the year where we end up in the championship. In Formula One you go from hero to zero very quickly. That is the nature of the sport. I just get with my job and do the best I can.