Kimi Malaysian GP review

26th March 2013
Minimizing the loss

The first two races are done, I¹m back in training at home, and getting ready for the next double in China and in Bahrain.

We got the best result in Australia, but not that good in Malaysia. As I said after winning in Melbourne, the main target for the championship fight is to get strong points and if that is not possible, to minimize the not that good results while time being.

It¹s was a race to minimize the loss. Well, we lost a piece of the front wing in the first lap, then we had some tight moments with a couple of drivers, and finally managed to finish the race in P7 and take six points with us.

Afterwards it didn¹t feel too bad. We still got some points, we had a good feeling with the car on Friday, we know ­ more or less ­ what went wrong and we should be able to fix it for the next race.

Obviously, it doesn¹t mean anything right now which position we have in the championship, but still it¹s better to be closer to the top like this compared what we had done last year after a few races.