Monaco GP - Kimi's column

22nd May 2007
The greatest challenge. If I would be following racing just as a F1 fan and had to pick one race, I would definitely go to Monaco. I reckon that is the greatest race among all the Grand Prixs. There is so much more excitement combined to that weekend - all the luxury and glory of Monte Carlo. It must be great to see the race and it is great to race there. Racing itself is not that great, but as a challenge - to go fast there with F1 car - it is the greatest of them all. I love to take a challenge. The more challenging it is, the more I love it. I always look forward to the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is a very special place and I will never forget my first win there two years ago. It certainly ranks as one of my best wins so far. Now I go there for the first time with Ferrari. It will be my seventh race in the Principality and it will be a very busy weekend, as usual. I hope that I will be able to find a bit of spare time to be also with my family and friends on the boat at the harbour. All in all in Monaco you need to have a good qualifying lap. I will do my best and hopefully it is good enough to get the result I want. The qualifying has not been going in a way I would like it to go. We have worked hard to improve the situation and hopefully now we will get it right. The qualifying is very important in most races but in Monaco to get a good result, it is essential. It would be great to win in Monaco with Ferrari. I was in a very strong position to win the race also last year, when I did not start from the front row, so everything is possible, but it would be nice to start from the pole and so get a chance to control the race from the front. Each time I get in the car I am learning more and more about the tyres. They are very different from the tyres I used last year. Fernando, like me, is driving for a new team and different tyres. From what I have read he basically is saying similar things, but you would need to ask him. Last week we had a very positive test at Paul Ricard and I am feeling more comfortable with the car. Of course you do not know what your competitors are testing, so we will know more on Thursday after the two practise sessions in Monaco. Let's see then. At the moment there are four drivers who are fighting for the championship so they are all main opponents. I do not focus on any one of them. My approach is the same as I always approach each race. I will do my very best and hopefully get the set up well. Of course we do our best to win. Most of all we need now good points. There is no other option for us. It is as simple as that. After the test I trained hard at home. I feel good - both physically and mentally. I am ready to race in Monaco.