Kimi Indian GP preview

25th October 2012
It’s My Party

I’m travelling to India for the first time. My feeling is great. I had my birthday last week and it was one of those memorable ones, again.

Personally I would now like to thank all my fans for those nice things you have sent to me to celebrate my birthday. It’s nice to be supported in such a amazingly inventive way, like you all have done!

Now we are preparing ourselves to the Indian Grand Prix. Obviously, it is a brand new place for me, but it shouldn’t be a problem to learn the place and get things going on as smoothly as possible.

At least, there were no problems in Korea, which was the first new circuit for me during this campaign.

We started working with the exhaust system in Korea. Now it’s race number two with it, and we hope to get more and more out of it until the end of the season. There are some other new parts, as well. The team is really pushing hard to give us a competitive car for the last four races.

We know this circuit will be very dusty and slippery in the beginning. The layout looks quite interesting, so I’m looking forward to get first grips with it.

Now we have been in third position since Monza. Lately we haven’t had the speed to fight for the podiums, but we have not given up anything.

We go to every race to do our very best. We are not expecting any favours from anybody, but we rely on our own work. When we are able to get everything right in the car, it should be enough to fight for the top places, too.

First of all we need to have a good and solid Friday, then a warm Saturday morning without any major problems – and after that we attack the qualifying session. Without a good speed in Q3, it seems you can forget the fight for the podium places.

It would be meaningless to set any targets. We just have to keep working as hard as we possibly can to score strong points in the both championships and see what happens from there.