Kimi review Singapore GP

24th September 2012
Sitting on a Dock of the Bay

Well, it was my third visit to Singapore, and the first time I left the Marina Bay circuit with some points in the pocket. P6 is better than nothing, but, obviously, while we lost seven points more to the leaders, there is no reason to be happy with the result.

It was the same story we had in Monza two weeks earlier. We knew on Friday, we lack some speed from the car. It made the weekend very tricky on our side, again. The lowering temperatures of the night race didn't help, either.

The layout of the street circuit makes it very tricky to pass people in this race. Simply there is no place to have a real go and try to overtake slower car. Obviously, only with a good qualifing session you would have a good place to fight for the podium.

We lost the game in qualifying. The second set of new supersoft tyres didn’t work that well and left us out of Q3.

The race itself was a boring one. I spent most of the time behind Mercedes cars. There was no way to pass them. It was just a matter of being patient and wait until the pitstops or something else happening to them.

The first safety-car situation hurt us, too. We got something back from the second SC, and, we could have had one place better result, but I hate to speculate, while you cannot change the race anymore.

We really need some more speed to fight for the better positions – especially in qualifying. To go from P3 to last six races is no giving any favours to us. It’s so tight pack around us and while the leader is getting more points compared to us, that doesn’t make our life any easier.

Let's wait and see, what we are able to achieve in Suzuka. There will be new parts, but we will have to wait until the first practise on Friday morning to learn, how the car feels back there.