Kimi Singapore preview

21st September 2012
A Hard Day's Night

I have had two nights at Singapore racing a Grand Prix. Obviously, I¹ve got zero points so far, but I did really enjoy both weekends in Marina Bay circuit area. For me Singapore represents one of the best new places we¹ve got in the F1 calendar.

What makes it so special, is the timing of the start, for sure. It¹s nice to do your routines in a different time compared to usual. Go to bed in very early hours, sleep until afternoon, eat when you normally start packing your gear in the paddock etc.

I don¹t understand some people making a big fuss of the different time for racing. While we put the helmets on and start the race, there isn¹t anything different with the feeling you get in the car. They have an excellent light system all around the circuit, it¹s made of normal streets, so it¹s bumpy, it's very physical and it¹s great fun to drive there.

I did this Grand Prix twice with Ferrari. It was that first ever night race in the F1 history in 2008. We were in good position until the pit stop, which was caused by a safety car situation, and we lost it there. I was fighting to get some points, the car was fine, but I crashed to the wall racing in the fifth place.

Well, I¹ve heard I still have got the official lap record from that race. Actually I finished the race in 2009, but it was one of those races with a uncompetitive car we had back then.

Like always, there is no use to speculate, how we will do this time. I haven¹t run a single metre with this car in that circuit, so we will have to wait until Friday afternoon¹s FP1 to get the first grips with the place.

It¹s a street circuit. It should be hot weather even at night and while we use the two softest compounds of Pirelli tyres, it should be good for our car.

Obviously, we had a nice strong weekend at Valencia back in June. Hopefully the similarities with the circuit will bring also a similiar chance to fight for

the top places in Singapore. The most important thing is to earn some good points for the team ­ and to myself, as well, for the championship.