Kimi British GP Preview

6th July 2012

We’ve raced a few times in rain during this season. Obviously, I’ve got to know the rain tyres in Malaysia for the first time. The race was still ok. In Monaco the drizzle in the middle of the race made things much worse.

And now we are heading for Silverstone with forecasting showers and light rain every single day during the week!

Winning is always nice. It never happens too early or too late. Obviously, it’s a long time ago since I won last time. But we have been close, very close in many ways. Just not getting everything 100% right in the qualifying and a couple of mistakes in the race has hindered us to get it.

The possible rain in Silverstone doesn’t help us, but whatever is the weather, it’s the same for everybody, so it should not hurt us, either. Of course, the hotter the better for us. But who knows how it goes with intermediates...?

I have been asked how painful it has been to loose some races, but it’s not that painful, really. While we been quite competitive since the beginning of the season, we are in the good side of the pack.

We have been able to work to improve the things, and we are confident that the result will come at the end of the day.

There has never been even a slightest doubt of my motivation or of my confidence. It’s just a question of getting everything right with the whole package.

Silverstone is such a nice circuit to race. I have always liked it and always here means a real long period of my career.

Now the paddock is in the different place, but the circuit itself has the same high-speed nature. Obviously, I will feel very good there in our car and it never takes more than a couple of laps to understand the track like always.

This season the gap between the top teams in race speed is very small. Propably it will be about the tenths of a second again. For sure, we’re working on qualifying performance. It was better in Valencia, but still we need to have something more to push to the top places in the grid.

There have been highs and lows for us and that’s normal every year. The team has done such a hard job to fight strongly in the constructors’ championship. That fight reaches the top level in Silverstone, while we are racing almost on the front yard of the Enstone factory.