Spanish GP - Kimi's column

7th May 2007
Maximum attack. I am always looking forward the next race. This time I can hardly wait. We have had a long break and a very promising test last week. Now we go to Barcelona better prepared and with a better feeling than we did to the previous races. Finally we can attack flat out. With the Maximum Attack, like my friend Markku Alen used to say. We have improved the car a lot. The new parts are working well and the car is more suited to my driving style. So I am more optimistic about the race. Of course you never know how competitive you are compared to the other teams until Sunday afternoon. But looking at the testing times Ferrari will be competitive. As I have said before we need to improve the qualifying pace. It has been a problem for me to get the most out of the car on one lap, because I never got the car 100 % to my likeing. But now I am happy with the improvements we have made in the last test. Its very difficult to pass other cars on the track so starting at the front makes things much easier to win. To qualify to the front row and to win the race in Barcelona you need a very good aerodynamic and a well balanced car. The whole package has to work well. After the test I felt that the team has done brilliant job on all areas. I won the Spanish Grand Prix 2005, but that does not make any difference for this year. It was a nice experience, but this time you have to meet the new challenges. The new chicane makes the circuit a bit slower, but it is still the same for everybody. If the car was good on the old circuit layout then it will still be good with the new chicane. Barcelona is still a demanding circuit with the highest requirements for the car and the driver. We had a good test in Barcelona in February, but now with the new parts in the car, everything worked much better. The car responds in a way I wanted to. Setting up the car gives me now much better feeling, while it reacts responsively and I feel very confident to start the weekend. Simply said it is better to drive. The whole team is working highly motivated and the feeling inside is great. But like always in racing you can never promise the success beforehand. During testing nobody knows exactly what the other teams are doing. We have to wait until Saturday to find out our speed compared to the competitors. After the race we know if it was enough. Of course we go to win to Spain. We will do our very best. The championship is very tight this year so it is very important to always score good points. Now the best time of the year is about to begin. The summer is coming and we race back in Europe. Also the most important games of ice hockey are played right now. As you propably know I am a big fan of ice hockey. I have been watching the ice hockey world championship tournament in Moscow as well as the games of my friend Teemu Selanne with The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the Stanley Cup play offs in the NHL. Both have been winning. That gives me even a better feeling. During the break I have been chilling out with my friends and with my family, trained some ice hockey and prepared for the coming golf season, also. The swing is getting there.