Bahrain GP - Kimi's column

17th April 2007
Something still missing. The hottest races of this season are behind us. It feels great to be back at home, for sure, but I would not mind go testing right away. There is work to be done, I know. We are in a good shape with the points. But it could have been better, also. We have not been able to get the car exactly the way as we would have liked it to be. We just have to work hard and it should help. But now we have to wait until the next test session to be able to see, how it goes with all the new components in the car. For awhile it is good to take it easy. There is now two weeks' break. I have not been planning anything special what to do. Just normal routine in training and just being at home. Right now I am not thinking of the next race. It is just a long season and now there is time enough to prepare ourselves better. The Bahrain weekend was again a tough one. While the car was not such as I would like it to be, we were not able to do everything in a way we have used to do it. The qualifying is our problem. I cannot deny that. In the race speedwise there is nothing wrong. We could challenge anyone, as simple as that. But if we are not able to catch them straight away, it is goodbye for chasing the victory. After the start we lost one place. Then we were not quick enough to challenge properly. While you stuck behind someone, you are not the challenger anymore. In Sakhir we were stuck behind Alonso. We could not overtake him in any other way than with the pitstops. You cannot ever be too confident what happens in the pits. But we had a good timing, a good decision in that point and the team did excellent job as the boys from Ferrari only can. But the leaders were somewhere in the horizon and there was nothing to be done anymore. We just took the car safely back home. There was no reason to try to attack, while we have to use this engine also in the next race in Barcelona. 22 points from three races is a good catch, although I always wish that we could have all the berries in our basket. For sure we could go faster, while we get the car as we want it to be. Hopefully the next test is successful with the new parts in the car. I feel confident that finally we will find the right set-up we have been looking for. It feels nice to race in Europe again. It is not a long way to any place. Unfortunately I cannot promise that it will be a new ballgame starting from Barcelona. We have to wait and see, what happens with the new car. That is certain that the race will be tight and tough. We all are so close each other that no one will escape anywhere. While two teams have two similar cars and all four drivers are at the same level, probably there will be a rush-hour again in the front. We get new parts, but so will the others, also. That means that there is no reason to expect any big difference between the cars. For the fans this must be very, very exciting. Now we all need cheering and support as much as ever. Let it burn!