Kimi GB Rally preview

11th November 2011
The good finish Obviously, it’s time to finish this season of WRC. This is the last rally this year, and - for sure - it is one of the most challenging of them all in the calendar. The feeling of having the last race of the season is always rewarding. You have worked hard the whole year long and then it’s time to have a useful break and chill out a little bit. The starting point for the Rally of Great Britain is quite encouraging. We had a very good test. The car gives a comfartable feeling for me. The set-up work went well, we made some well matched changes and the car is good to drive. The shakedown session went very well, too. So all in all, obviously, I’m looking forward to get the rally started in a clean way. The weather is always as unpredictable as it is in England. Sometimes you got the sun shining, sometimes it rains like it rains in this island. The roads are slippery. While there is water, dust, fog, what so ever, you have to be very, very focussed all the time and really trust on the pace notes you hear to avoid all kind of nasty surprises. Compared to last year there are only a few special stages left. Most of the roads are new for everybody. It’s different every time. Let’s wait and see how our car works out on these roads. We have had some difficult rallies lately, so it would be more than welcomed to finish the season with a good result and clean rally. I just focus on this rally and finish the season in a nice way. That’s all that matters right now. What happens in the future is still an open question.