Kimi Rally de Spain preview

20th October 2011
Friday on my mind Well, the end of the season is getting close. Now we go the Spanish Rally. It¹s one of its kind. The one I have have been looking forward for a long time. Honestly I can assure you that there is nothing to be taken from our experience last year. Obviously, this is a brand new rally for me. After making the pace notes I have a very good feeling. It¹s a really tempting challenge. Propably, like a rally from good old times. The rally of Spain is different from the others. It¹s like putting together two different rallies. The first day we go on gravel and then on Saturday and on Sunday we have tarmac roads beneath us. After making the pace notes we know very well that it¹s going to be very slippery and so very challenging Day 1. You have be very, very focussed on those gravel sections all the time. Stay out of trouble, that is the name of the game for the opening. During the last special stage on Friday, the darkness strikes. Obviously, that is one challenge more. Let¹s hope there is not too much dust in the air, while you cannot see properly, any way. My goal is to finish Friday in a good way to be able to attack the rally on Saturday in a good position. The best part of this rally is the tarmac. These roads are really something. They are not that fast, but there is a lot of real rally driving, indeed. For us, the last rally on gravel was Finland back in July. Obviously, it¹s a long time ago. So we have to be ready for different kind of driving after Germany and France. There is no reason to change our main target. It¹s ¹to finish the rally without making major mistakes.