Kimi Rallye de France review

11th October 2011
Good job in vain Well, it was the shortest rally for me this year, while we managed to do only two special stages in day one. Obviously, it left a bad taste in my mouth. What a shame, it happened that way. For sure, those roads are really great for rallying. We managed to get the pace notes in place, as well. It was a rally to enjoy. But this is motor racing. What can you do? The fateful place for us was on a road section from stage two to stage three. We had our turn to start before Henning Solberg. But he was there in front of us on the road. He seemed to warm up his tires and his breaks. Then, suddenly, he hit the brakes and stopped there. Propably he didn¹t look at the mirrors at all. There was nothing to do for us. Obviously, there was no place to go, so we crashed to the rear of his car. The rear of Solberg¹s car didn¹t get any bad damage, but it was a different case for us. The front of our car was ruined and it was au revoir for this rallye de France. I have done now twenty WRC rallies. There has happened quite a lot, but the French experience was again very much different compared to others. Everything can happen, that¹s a reality I very well know. Now it¹s time to look forward to the next challenge. It¹s the Rally of Spain in a few weeks time. We will have a test session and, obviously, we can improve the car again. Last year we didn¹t learn that much of Spanish roads, so it¹s like a brand new rally for us.