Kimi Rally Germany preview

18th August 2011
The trickiest tarmac This German territory offers us a very tricky rally, indeed. Let¹s wait and see, how we get it going on Friday morning. I¹ve got some nice memories from last year ­ a good general feeling and my first ever P1 time from the last special stage downtown Trier. Obviously, I¹m very much looking forward the start this rally again. We have been improving this year from our debut season in different rallies. That is the target once again: to finish the rally without loosing too much time with silly mistakes. The closer to the front you are able to go to the special stages, the better it is here. If you end up to start your turn much behind, the roads are getting dirtier and dirtier, so you loose a lot of time just because of that. After some rallies on gravel, this is now the first tarmac challenge for these cars. It¹s difficult to say beforehand, how good the car is on tarmac, but according to the test and the shakedown on Thursday, it should be ok. We had a test after Rally Finland. It could have been a litlle bit more. We have a lot of things to try, and, obviously, you cannot do too much in one and half day. Now we have to test more here, too. Well, the second time is always easier to do than the first attempt. They have not been changing the route too much. The longest and roughest part is some ten k¹s shorter, but it¹s still 35 kilometres. That is something to take with all shakes and vibrations to your whole body tied tightly down in the cockpit. Last year we had a nice, solid rally until the last day. Then we had some easy mistakes and lost position. Still it was one of the best rallies during the last season. Now the aim is to improve and get timewise closer to the front runners ­ like we managed to do in Finland, too. Let¹s hope the weather stays good. It would be so much nicer to go on dry road, while we haven¹t had a single test on wet with this car. All in all, these roads will be very slippery, if there is water on.