Kimi Rally Finland review

8th August 2011
The best pace so far Well, that was my third Rally Finland. It was the position nine and, for the first time, I’ve got some points from my home race, too. It was pretty much o.k. weekend, but, obviously, once again we got to experience this is a real tricky rally – propably the most difficult rally of them all. It was quite a struggle to start with. Perhaps we were too cautious at the beginning. I could not find the rhytm I was looking for. The right speed was there just for the final day. The morning stages, especially, felt very good. Obviously, that is our pace right now after 18 months of rallying. It was good fun to race. But the fun was finished while we got to the Leustu number 2. There was a rock in the trail and we hit it, jumped and the car started to spin. There was some kind of guardrail on the other side and the rear of the car hit it and then also the front got a punch from it. After that we did not have the wing anymore and while it was missing from the front, the air went straight under the car. While the front was not working at all, it was impossible to do anything in the corners. Obviously, the handling was not there anymore. It was useless to try to race with the times. Well, I know that without this problem, we would have finished a couple of positions better. We would have got pass Henning Solberg. But this is racing. This was what we got and there is no way to change it afterwards. The best thing was the pace for the final day. It felt like real driving and it made me feel good with pace and the stage times we achieved, as well. Now we have had five rallies this year. We have finished all of them and we got some nice points, too. It’s good to feel to get better results every time from every single rally compared to last year. Now it’s time to change from the gravel to the tarmac surface. We have a test session in Germany this weekened and we start to prepare ourselves for this new challenge with this DS3 WRC Citroen of ours. Obviously, I have not had a single mile on tarmac with this car. After the test we know better how it goes, but, generally Citroen has been quite strong and competitive on tarmac, too.