Kimi Rally Finland preview

29th July 2011
The third time Well, it¹s flat-out time once again. Hopefully I¹ll find the best feeling with driving straight away from the start. This is the rally, where you need to get the right rhythm on since the very beginning of the special stage one, while we go so fast. This is the rally I¹ve been looking forward the whole summer along. The home race is the greatest of them all for every racing driver. This is my third time in Rally Finland and, obviously, this is the rally, where we have the most experience so far. Twice I have started the rally in Jyväskylä. This time the first day is a little bit different compared to previous ones, but the most remarkable change is day two, while we go to new roads in Lahti area. I think it¹s good to have the experience of two rallies here. We know some roads, some are there for the first time, but, all in all, they are very fast roads and it¹s a huge challenge to get them right. The test and the preparation for this rally went very well. I¹ve been training hard both with bicycles and in the gym. We had a nice rally show downtown Helsinki, too. Obviously, my feeling is great and I just cannot wait to get things going on. We have had good results this year in all the rallies we have had so far. This gives me a solid boost to my confidence to keep the car on the road. The work with the pace notes has been improving all the time. Listening to the pace notes goes better and better. Still, it¹s a huge challenge for every rally driver. My goal is to finish the rally without major mistakes. Two years ago we had a D.N.F and last year we finished, but I made too many mistakes, still. Hopefully this time we get everything right and improve again like we have done in every rally so far. To finish a rally is always a good achievement and especially it¹s a great achievement in Jyväskylä, in the fastest rally of them all. All I can promise is that we try our very best. Let¹s wait and see, what it brings along this time.