Kimi NASCAR races review

16th June 2011
The American way For sure, it was worth going across the Atlantic to get a taste of American top-level racing. I really enjoyed those couple of NASCAR races I had in Charlotte. It was a brand new category of racing cars for me. It was my debut of racing on the oval, too. But, in the end of the day, the racing itself is the same where ever you do it. Obviously, it doesn't change the mentality, if you race on oval or on a normal circuit. It feels always as exciting as it was while I started with Go Karts. My main goal was just to familiarize myself to the world of NASCAR racing and to have as many laps as possible to get grips with those kind of cars. Well, I think we did a good job. Working with the team felt good and we got all the laps there was to gain. I liked the atmosphere. The fans are really having fun all the time. The Americans have their own way of getting things done. That is why NASCAR is so popular sports in the U.S. Obviously, I felt good to experience that spirit, too. The rules are very tight. The cars are as simple as they can be. All are so similiar to each other. There is no electronics. Just the man and the car. You go flat out side by side some cars. You give some, you get some bunches, but it's fair and square. It was great fun - even for a rookie like me.