Kimi Rally de Portugal review

1st April 2011
Trickiest rally, cleanest drive As we remembered in the beginning, the Rally of Portugal is a real tricky one. Obviously, the more difficult the special stages are, the greater challenge it offers for the drivers. Well, we did three days without any major mistakes. I¹ve got a good feeling deep inside and we got some nice points more, as well. As a racing driver you would always want to go faster. While you got a result, you know, there would have been room to improve the performance. That's how it goes, but, right at this moment, Portugal was such a rally, that we can be quite satisfied with it. Now we have done two rallies this year and kept the car solid on the road. Obviously, we have found better and better consistency to the driving. That's good. The basis is there to look forward. While you get a rally going clean through, little by little you can start raising the speed, too. While starting to the rally, the set-up of the car was nowhere. The team had some misunderstanding with the car. The whole day we knew something is wrong, while the car felt very strange and nothing like in the previous test. Then the error was found on Friday evening and from Saturday morning onwards everything was ok. Obviously, the driving improved massively, while I felt more confident with the car. We had our share of bad luck on Friday, while we lost a tyre and lost some time to our competitors at that stage. But, as said, the rally was OK and the result is OK. Obviously, to fight for a better result, I should have driven over the limit in a big way. However, we learnt a lot from the car and I've got more routine, as well. Sometimes I'm satisfied with the driving, sometimes I'm not. But, the more I drive, the less situations we have. In the end of the day, that is how it should be and next time we can try to go faster again.