Kimi Rally GB preview

10th November 2010
The trickiest challenge It has been a great experience to get through the whole WRC season. We are almost there. One to go and then it’s time for a proper holiday. Obviously, it has not been easy. But I never expected that. The rally is such a new event for me. Driving in a rally differs completely from driving in Formula One. I’m still a rookie in this sport and I have always been fond of trying to learn new things. You have to remember that the top guys go very fast in a rally car. You just have to be patient and try to get closer to them, gaining experience step by step. Well, the autumn has given us some tough times. We have lost some important miles in a couple of the last rallies. It would have been nice to get them, but it’s useless to worry too much afterwards. The Red Bull Citroen team has been doing a real great job all the time. They are top-level professionals and it has been a pleasure to work with them so closely. Citroen clinched, well deservedly, both drivers’ and constructors’ championships. The French really know how to do it in rallying. Congratulations to Red Bull F1 Team, too. They won the constructors’ championship in F1 for the first time. I’ve been around to win that title a couple of times and I know how great achievement that is for everybody in the team. Luckily our season is not over yet. We know very well how big a challenge we have ahead on the roads in Wales. I guess before hand that this is the trickiest rally in this WRC calendar while the weather will be bad. It can rain, it can be foggy, it can be icy, what so ever. This is the last rally with the generation of these WRC cars. Obviously it’s important for all of us to have a memorable final rally. We have to be very punctual all the time. The target is to find the good rhythm quickly and finish the season with the positive feeling. My co-driver Kaj Lindstrom has been here many times before. He has seen all the weather variations and, for sure, his valuable experience gives a big help during this weekend, too.