Kimi Rally Finland review

4th August 2010
One ditch too much Well, it was our second ever Rally Finland and this time we managed to get to the finish in my home rally. The target was to collect all the miles from this super fast gravel rally. We did that, but, obviously, our other target to finish in the points, didn’t work out. It was a shame. We did a couple of small mistakes and could not hang on in TOP-10 longer than to Saturday morning. It was a great to race in Finland. I would like to congratulate all the Finnish rally fans. Finland is a real country of rally. There were thousands of fans waving their flags on the road sides already at six o’clock in the morning. Obviously, the feeling is great, while you see all that support from your compariots. I have never experienced that much support anywhere and, propably, all the Finnish rally drivers share the same feeling. Well, they build the rally with the new format. We did two long days from the early morning to late evening. I think it was a success. At least, it was different compared to other places. The speed, the feeling and the rhytm matched well. It gave also an extra pleasure to do it with a real top-class rally car. Red Bull Citroen C4 WRC is just great. I enjoyed every minute. The power is there and the whole car is so competitive. Obviously, we had some problems in the very beginning of the rally. It was not that easy to get to the right rhytm. We tried and tried to set up the car better and then, finally, we found it. The stage times were good and we got a nice fight with Juha Kankkunen for the P7. At least we know now, he is still very quick. I’m never fully satisfied with the times, but we got some stages quite well together, so that we could smile a little bit. Then there was the stage of Kolonkulma on Saturday morning. We had a slight error on one right-hander. It was that fast place, but we ended up in a deep ditch. It was impossible to get it back to the road. The front of the car broke while trying. Luckily there were enough fans to help us back. We had some work the get back on four wheels. But finally after ten minutes of hard work we were able to continue. Everything went well after we got all the parts back during the service break. We got some important miles to the car and to the driver. It was great to get a Finnish winner in Rally Finland. It means a lot for the Finnish rally fans. Now it’s time to change from gravel back to tarmac. We will test in Germany during the weekend and prepare ourselves for the next big challenge. The asfalt feels more like home for me. Let’s wait and see how it goes in Germany.