Kimi Bulgaria review

14th July 2010
Good speed, bad result Well, I¹ve been on the learning curve with rally racing. The trip to Bulgaria was a nice one. Speed-wise it was the best rally for me so far, although we did not get the result we were looking for. It was a brand new place for everyone. All the special stages were great. It¹s a great rally, but they still have some work to do organizing it better. It was not that good to let the ambulance go there in the middle of the stage. I had a good feeling the whole weekend through with the car. Obviously, we experienced more good than bad things. If I could have kept the car on the road there in the finish of the last special stage on Friday, Citroen could possibly conquered all the TOP-5 positions in Bulgaria. The speed was there to grasp the fifth place for us. We found the right rythym from the beginning. I know the grip much better on tarmac, so I can go faster. I was very happy with the pace, while the gap to the frontrunners was smaller compared to rallies on gravel. I feel that all the hard work done since the beginning of the season is finally starting to pay back. For sure, I still have a lot of things to learn better, but, at least, we know we are heading further to the right direction. The mistake from Friday was annoying. It was not that dramatic. I just hit the brake a little bit too late. There was some sand on asphalt in that corner. Without that I could have taken the car back to the line. But it didn¹t - and there we were upside down in the ditch. Obviously, it was not that great to carry on with the time penalty. We focused on testing, but then we came closer and closer to P10 on Sunday. The speed was there. We had some good stage times and we made some good changes to car, too. For sure, we are looking forward for the next asphalt rally. Well, on Sunday we did our very best the catch Henning Solberg and get his one point position, but while he did not make a single mistake, it was too much for us. They cancelled one stage. I think having that, too, we could have got Henning. I was good lesson for me. The next stop is Finland. We have a couple days of testing before and this time we have even the pacenotes from the last year. It¹s the greatest feeling to have a rally on my home soil. For a Finnish racing driver it cannot be anything better than to have a home race on world championship level. It¹s the highlight of the season, no doubt about it! Last year we went to Jyvaskyla with Super 2000 car. Now we have the WRC Red Bull Citroen C4. The target is to have the rally without mistakes and then wait and see, what kind of result we get with that.