Kimi Bulgaria Rally preview

8th July 2010
The tarmac challenge The short break of June came and is now gone. I chilled out a little bit and I worked a little bit, too. Obviously, it was a good time off. Now I feel like gearing up to the season all over again. This time we¹ll have the first tarmac rally of the WRC season. Propably people expect miracles from me, while I have been racing on tarmac surface all my life. But, you have to remember, having a rally on tarmac is totally different compared to formulae racing on tarmac. But still it feels more familiar for me. There is more grip, but the level of it changes all the time. I have been waiting for the tarmac rally, definitely, and now we have it in Bulgaria. The fact is that Bulgaria is a new place for all of us, but it¹s also a fact, that the frontrunners go very fast - on the snow, on the gravel, on the tarmac, what so ever. After Portugal we had a national rally in Italy and after that we tested two days in France. That Rally of Lanterna was timed perfectly. It was my first ever tarmac rally with a WRC car and I was very pleased with the result and especially with the feeling I had in the car. We managed to get to the rhytm from the very beginning and I understood more and more the car. It was an important lesson how to practise the pace notes and how to make them for the tarmac rally. Then we had a good test session with Red Bull Citroen C4 WRC car in France. After the Italian rally and the French test I¹ve gained a lot of new confidence and a lot of more knowlegde of my car. Istanbul was the first new place for WRC and we got a good result from Turkey. Obviously, so far it¹s my best world championship rally so far. Obviously, Bulgaria is a brand new place for us all, too. Perhaps it may help me a little bit, but let¹s keep the focus and the target on the same level like always. My priority is to finish the rally on Sunday and learn more how the car handles in these kind of circumstances. Just after that let¹s wait and see, what¹s the result. We got some points from last 3 rallies, so it would be good to carry on like that. It¹s very important to find the right rhytm from the very first special stage on the rally. The front runners know it by heart, because of their huge experience. I¹ve been collecting the routine, but I still need much more miles with WRC speed. Well, at least I can assure you, that I¹ve been having a lot of fun. All of the time I feel how I learn more and more of the world of rally. After Bulgaria we go to Finland, and, o boy, that is the highlight of the season, no doubt of it. This is the time of the year while people spread rumours where drivers go for the next season. That¹s the same circus, no mather if it¹s about Formula One of WRC Rally. But I have to say, personally I don¹t have any kind of stress with this. Let the people think what they want. I will make my own decision when the time is right. It¹s pretty certain I¹ll be driving somewhere, but I haven¹t made up my mind, yet.