Kimi Turkish Rally preview

15th April 2010
Fresh Turkey, old target I’ve got some nice memories from Turkey. We won the first ever Grand Prix at Istanbul Park and I always liked to race in that most charming circuit. But - it’s now a different car, different race category and so totally different ball game. Obviously, driving a Formula One successfully in Istanbul doesn’t help me on any way while driving a Red Bull Citroen WRC car in Istanbul this weekend. This is a brand new rally for everyone. Going to a place where nobody has raced before, could bring a marginal advantage for me as a rookie, but I think all the top drivers will learn it as quickly as ever. Anyway, that’s my target - to learn the roads quickly and then to finish the rally without major mistakes on Sunday. The previous rally in Jordan was all in all very much ok. We aimed at finishing the rally with precise driving and, obviously, we managed to do it, too. Now we approach the Turkish Rally exactly in the same way. Hopefully we manage to finish the rally again and hopefully we also manage to improve our performance. Like you all know, my priority is to finish every single rally I drive and so learn step by step with every mile we have with this car. You should not think of the results before finishing and that’s how we get along. The main thing is to drive as precise as possibile and keep the car on the road. According to the forecast, the weather could be rainy. That would mean the roads becoming even more slippery, so we should be even more precise with the driving. This is the first rally we have both on gravel and on tarmac. The stages on tarmac will be the last new element I have to learn. It’s going to be very interesting to see, how this car goes on that surface. Well, it felt good to clinch my first ever WRC points in Jordan. It was very difficult rally and getting four points from there gave a great feeling. Obviously, it did not do any harm to my self-confidence and we learnt again some more with the driving itself and especially with making the pace notes more and more carefully. Now we want to get more points, but first we have to see, how difficult is the new challenge this time. Let’s keep the good rhytm and the same humble attitude we have had all the time. All I can tell is, that I really enjoy this 100% and I’m looking forward to get back to car again. We got a great feeling after finishing the rally in Jordan and hopefully we will have that same feeling in Turkey, too.