Kimi's column

1st April 2007
Chilling out for the hot race! After the greatest season opening race of my career I tested two days in hot Malaysia. The last few days I have spent here on a little island by the coast just with my nearest and dearest. Right now we have a heavy program ahead, while we go to back-to-back races in Malaysia and Bahrain. Just to get ready for the job I have been chilling out with my usual routine, although the word chilly does really not belong in this climate. Usually the weather feels like Finnish sauna - 24 hours a day. We have been playing tennis and trained at the gym. I feel good. The first race is just a memory. I will never forget, how it felt to finish it, while seeing so many red flags of Ferrari waving everywhere and the team celebrating cheerfully after the job well done. Personally I celebrated fairly quietly. It was, however, a great way to start my life with Ferrari. Now I focus fully on next weekend. Many years ago I clinched my first ever Grand Prix victory just in Malaysia. Since that I have had some great wins in F1, but a driver never forgets his first victory. That is for sure. Hopefully also this weekend will be as good as we had in Australia. Last week we had a good test here. I worked for two days and we managed to collect all the information we were looking for. Ferrari looks very competitive on all types of the circuits. There is no plan to start taking it easy. The team is pushing really hard all the time to improve the car. The fighting spirit is just great. We just started the season, but it is clear that if we aim at fighting for the championship, we have to be able to score points every time. To win championships you need to be a consistent points scorer throughout the season. The circuit of Sepang is demanding and rough. If one part of the package is not working, then you will not be competitive. As I said the Ferrari car feels very good. But you never know, what your competitors are doing until it comes to race weekend. So I say once again, let's wait and see how it goes this time. We have some worries with the engine in Melbourne. We found a minor water leak in the last part of the race and while the radio was not working, the team advised me to slow down with the COOL-sign from the pit board. The engine has been checked down in the factory. There has been all kinds of simulations and they have counted, how it should last. We hope, of course, that the engine will last and we do not have to change it before the qualifying. We want to call this card until the very finishing hour. But if we have to change the engine, it is a different thing, then it will be much more difficult to score as much points as it would be possible without loosing ten places in the grid. In any case we will fight. Wave the flags again all the fans!