Kimi Jordan Rally review

6th April 2010
The toughest race of my career If I would be an icehockey star, I would say that finishing the Jordan rally in points felt like getting rid of a monkey away from my shoulder. O' boy, it gave a great feeling for me. For sure, it was the toughest race of my life. We managed to finish it and it was perfect to get the first points of the season at the same time. My friend Teemu Selanne has sometimes told me, how special feeling it is to score a goal after some games without getting any. Now I know, how it must feel for him. To get everything right in the Jordan rally, gave us a big relief. While you try and try your very best and you finally succeed, obviously, you'll be happy. Me and Kaj Lindstrom, my co-driver, shared the same great feeling on Saturday after finishing the rally without any mistakes of our own. That was the first waypoint we had to achieve before setting any other targets. It was very hot place, indeed. But it was quite surprising that it didn't feel that bad inside the car. Actually, it felt even a little bit ''cool''. It was the toughest rally I ever done and we drove the longest special stage I ever had before - 41,5 kilometres twice. That was so long, I started to think, if it's an ever-lasting road. But finishing it finally, gave tbe best of the feelings. In the end of the day, it was a great stage, no doubt of it! It was a difficult rally, but we eventually achieved our objective. It was great job from all the team. I’m feeling more and more comfortable in the Citroën C4 WRC every day. This is not a solitary sport. We have been working hard with Kaj Lindstrom and without him I would never have learned this rally racing as quickly as we did. Kaj is working flat out. I'm grateful for him and I hope we share the good moments like in Jordan as soon as possible again. The whole team was happy. The team bosses were all smiles. Personally I felt good the get a better feeling with the car on the gravel. Obviously, I'm looking forward for the next rally of Turkey. It's exciting to see how we go in the next rally in Istanbul. Now it's time for a short break and rest. Then it's back to business. After some work out in the gym we go next week to Turkey and start there again from zero.