Kimi Jordan rally preview

29th March 2010
Desert is calling Well, let's wait and see, what we have ahead of us this time. Obviously, here we go again to a new place and to a country, I have never visited before. It's also the first rally I'll have with my co-driver Kaj Lindstrom, where we both are nwecomers. Okay, we know it's going to a huge new challenge for both of us. But it's always the same case for me. I just have to get used to this. This is the name of the game in the world of a rally. Where ever the rally season takes us, it's going to be whole different place compared to the previous one. For me all the rallies except one (The Finnish Rally) will be a new experience. So far these three we have raced this year have been massively different compared to each other. But, what I've heard, the Rally of Jordan is a significant step to quite different rally racing. There in the desert you really have to start learning everything from zero. But it's nothing new to me. All I can do, is to do my very best. That is to collect experience and speed as much and as quickly as I possibly can. In the end of day I cannot complain that this might be boring. No way. I have not had any second thoughts with the rally. This is what I want to do and I feel with all my soul this was the right option for this year. It's a great challenge and I have to approach it working 100% all the time. I knew beforehand, what it means to go the whole WRC season. Every time we have a new surface, the roads change all the time and you have to focus at your best from early morning to late evening. Every mile I have with the Red Bull Citroen C4 WRC is giving a certain pleasure. The more we go in a real rally speed, the better it feels. Now Jordan will be my eight rally ever. I have put Mexico into the past, long gone. It was like it was. I learned a lot from there, too. So far every rally has been given too much extra program. While the stages have go right, I think it has been quite ok with the performance. The car is strong. That's what we know. If you are able to keep it on the road, it's quick and reliable. After Mexico we had a break. It was good for my body. Then we did the first two test days on gravel with this car. It went very well and now we start the Jordan challenge with high spirits. There are no trees, no mountains. It's only sand and dust - and the service breaks will be on the beaches of the Dead Sea. This time the precise of the pace notes will be 110% of importance, because there are no natural benchmarks on the route. But for me it's the same target to find a good rhytm and then improve the speed as much as possible. The target is as it has been: to finish the rally. If you are not able to finish the race, it's useless to set any other targets. Let's wait and see, how the front runners go and what is our speed compared to them.