Kimi Swedish Rally Preview

9th February 2010
The snowy premiere They claim in Finland that after a bad dress rehearsal you’ll have a glamorous premiere. Well, that happens in the world of theatre. Hopefully the same goes in the world of rally, too. Obviously, our rehearsal in Lapland didn’t go that badly. I made one mistake, that we could have lived without. But now the focus is to avoid such a silly things in Sweden. It’s a great feeling to get the season going and get back to real racing, again. I love racing. I’m a racing driver and that’s what I want to do the most. It’s nice that the rally season starts already now – four weeks before the first Grand Prix of Formula One. Since we signed for Red Bull Citroen, I have been looking forward to start my first ever WRC season. Obviously, I don’t have too much experience in the rally cars. I’ve done five rallies so far and three of them have been on snow. That’s good for me, that also the season starts on snow. To be honest, the snow does not make it any easier for me. You have to drive very precise on the pure line on the snowy roads. If you don’t, you’ll get a lot of extra program. That’s for sure. We got some good experience with the snow in the Arctic Lapland Rally and we got a chance to compare our speed to Dani Sordo with a identical Citroen C4 WRC. Well, Dani was ahead and so it was suppose to happen, too, if you belong to TOP-4 in the world. Actually with my co-driver Kaj Lindstrom we know pretty well where the gap to Sordo came from. Now we have been working hard with it trying to get our package together as good as possible for the Swedish Rally. We have to get the car more comfortable to drive to know how it behaves and how it turns. Obviously, I have to adjust my own driving style with it, too. We had some advantage in the Arctic Lapland Rally, while we had a possibility to use the same tyres we’ll gonna use in Sweden. People have been asking me, what is my target for this season. I have never been speculating with these things before, and, for sure, I’m not going to start now. I just try my very best to get some good rallies for the start of the season and raise up the speed as soon as it’s possible for me. Hey, this is still a brand new world for me. All the rallies – except Jyvaskyla – are totally new places for me. There is a lot of things to learn and we don’t have any kind of a clue of our own speed compared to any others. I have said this before, but it’s a fact, that the rally people are much more relaxed compared to those in the F1 paddock. These guys like to do all kind of things together and they talk about driving much more freely. If I’m not going to find the competitive speed, at least it’s not because I’m not getting advice and help enough from the other rally guys.