Kimi Arctic Lapland Rally review

2nd February 2010
One experience more The Arctic Lapland Rally is now behind. I’m in a real good mood ja now I have one experience more under my belt. We had a good test before going to Rovaniemi. It gave a good feeling and confidence to the car, while we got all the elements and the bench fixed. We had the basic set-up ready and after that our only target was to get as much mileage as possible from the Arctic Lapland Rally. Like last year we managed to finish the race. The result was meaningless. The main thing was to go through the whole two days. Obviously it was good to have Dani Sordo with us in the race. We got the reference to find out, what was our speed at the moment. In the end of the day we were about one second a kilometre behind him. We have analysed things with my co-driver Kaj Lindstrom and we know quite clearly where the gap comes from. Now we just need more mileage and, for sure, we’ll get closer to the leading speed. During the first day, we had that one moment, we could have lived without. It was purely my own mistake. I heard wrong the pace note and after that I could get the car back to road any more. Luckily we made it without bad damages and we were able to continue the rally. I like to thank the guys with the spades from their great help bringing the car back to the road. The whole rally was really good. The roads were excellent and it felt really nice to see so many fans out there cheering us in the stages. While I have now done only five rally races, our times in Rovaniemi were not that catastrofical. I learn more every time I drive the WRC car and while I learn, we got closer to the leaders. Let’s wait and see how competitive we are in mid-season. Obviously, it’s nice to get the season going with the Swedish Rally. Then we see, where we really are. For sure, we go faster there compared to the speed we had in Arctic Lapland Rally. That was purely as test race. Now it’s the real thing ahead of us. To those who want so see how it was in Rovaniemi, have a look on the video clips. It’s The Iceman’s adventure in Lapland. After Lapland we had the FIA media day in Paris. It meant a lot of interviews and a lot of photo shooting. After that it’s time to focus on the Swedish Rally. There it is like Indy for us. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!