Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Race

2nd November 2009
Kimi Raikkonen (12th): “We knew we did not have a car that was competitive here. It was definitely not a good weekend, but I don’t think any of us have anything to reproach ourselves for. We did the most we could with the package we hard. At the start, the track was a bit slippery and that cost me a place to Kobayashi, who was very quick today. Then, when the two Brawns were back ahead of me, after their first pit stop, our race was definitely compromised and a points finish became impossible. It’s a shame to end my time with Ferrari with this result, but this year we have never been in a position to fight for the win at every race, as I would have wished.” Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team principal: “It’s disappointing to see third place in the Constructors’ Championship elude us by a single point, but we have to accept the verdict dished out on track. We took a strategic decision regarding the development of the F60 a few months ago and we knew that, as time went by, the road ahead would get ever steeper. All the same, I wish to congratulate the entire team who, despite the difficult situation, continued to keep their concentration up, getting on with their work with determination and tenacity. Now we must continue to work on the design of the new car, because we have a very simple aim: that of getting back to being in the fight for race wins. This was Kimi’s last race with us and again today he gave it his all. We are very disappointed that this year, we did not give him a competitive car and I thank him for never having thrown in the towel, in fact, fighting even harder when the situation was at its trickiest. That thanks extends to all our drivers: to Felipe who went through a dramatic moment in Budapest and is recovering quickly to be 100% for the start of next season; to Luca, who accepted the challenge to put himself in the game in a very difficult moment; to Giancarlo who in order to realise his dream of racing for Ferrari, left a team just as it was going through its best part of the season. Again today, he did his utmost right to the final kilometer. I am proud of our drivers, as I am of everyone who works in our team and I am sure that every one of them will know how to learn the right lessons from this season and will be even more motivated to try and redeem themselves immediately.” Chris Dyer, Ferrari chief engineer: “It was a very disappointing day for us. We knew after the qualifying result that it would be very tough and so it turned out. This weekend we definitely did not have a good enough level of performance and so we were unable to exploit the help inadvertently given us by our adversaries in the fight for third place. It’s an unpleasant way to end our relationship with Kimi and we are very disappointed about it. It would have been nice to have given him a good result as a send off to thank him for everything we have done together over the past three years. We wish him all the best for the future, whatever he decides to do. He is an extraordinary driver and we will always have fond memories of him.”