Mid season sale at

23rd July 2009
Take a look at the merchandise page of our shop here at as we have a mid season sale on right now. Current Offers : Striped & Colour Polo Shirts now £43.99 GBP Sterling plus P&P - that is a massive saving of £10 GBP Sterling!    Striped Kimi Polo Shirt - Was £53.99 GBP Sterling - Now £43.99 GBP Sterling. The red and white fine striped polo is a popular choice for male and female Kimi fans.  The cut of the polo shirt is slim fit and so is flattering to the figure.  Features Kimi on the front in white stripes and Ferrari in bold white on the reverse.  The gold Ferrari emblem is featured on the right hand short sleeve, and the Finnish flag on the left hand side.  With a plain red, two button collar and is 100% cotton.  Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. XXLarge can be ordered by request.   Colour Kimi Polo Shirt- Was £53.99 GBP Sterling - Now £43.99 GBP Sterling. The Ferrari Red Polo shirt is a detailed fan polo shirt, with Kimi in white on the front right hand side chest and the Ferrari logo embroidered on the opposite side of the chest.  A plain red collar with two buttons to fasten is complimented by contrasting red airtex strips across both shoulders with the Italian flag colours detailed on the right hand side strip. Kimi's national flag of Finland is printed on the left sleeve, with a Ferrari black strip on the right sleeve. The reverse of the shirt features a large blue, white and red print of Kimi's name, depicting the Finnish flag in its design.  The polo shirt is 100% cotton.  Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.  XXLarge can be ordered by request.  If you have any questions on either of these items, the please email us. Or if you are unsure on which size to order, why not take two sizes and return whichever size polo shirt that does not suit and we will be happy to refund you for the unwanted item. Subject to it being in perfect condition and with its tags remaining intact.  Email us at for an order form or go online to to order now.