Fan Club Exclusive Race Review Competitions

15th June 2009
Each Race Review PDF that you can download in the Online Fan Club area of contains an easy competition. Race Reviews 1 – 4 have now closed but 4 & 5 are still open till 30th June 2009 so go an take a look if you are a fan club member and have not entered already. Here are the Competition Questions, answers and Fan Club winners that have been selected at random from those that entered each competition by email. Round 1 – Australian Grand Prix. – Prize A4 Signed Picture of Kimi. Q: What type of emergency vehicle was used for the Driver's parade at the Australian Grand Prix 2009? A : A Fire Engine. Congratulations to Erica Sales, Brazil. Round 2 – Malaysian Grand Prix – Prize A4 Signed Picture of Kimi Q: Who is the man in red shown in the picture? A: Michael Schumacher Congratulations to Johanna Salmijarvi, Denmark. Round 3 – Chinese Grand Prix – Prize is a Kimi Signed cap. Q: What sponsor's name is featured on the front of Kimi's Ferrari baseball cap? A: Mubadala Congratulations to Nicci Aegerter, Switzerland. Round 4 – Bahrain Grand Prix - Prize is a Kimi Signed cap. Q: What is the nationality of Kimi's team mate? A: Brazilian Congratulations to Christina Richards, USA. A new competition will be up on shortly and fan club competitions are ongoing and can be entered by logging into the exclusive fan club area at