Kimi Turkish review

11th June 2009
Not the best of weekends Well, it was not the best weekend for us. The car with the new parts felt better in the practise. The qualifying was ok. But in the race I started on the dirty side of the track and then damaged my wing on the first lap. All in all the happenings of the first lap stopped me scoring any points this time at Istanbul Park. Obviously, we expected more from this weekend, but having said that, we also knew that it’s not going to an other Monaco for us. The team has worked really hard in the factory to get us closer to front runners, but we are still loosing out in the quick corners, that require high downforce. We seem to be very competitive in the slower corners. Every race we have new parts, so hopefully we close the gap at Silverstone next week. While you are not able to fight for the pole position, it’s a question of luck, which position and which side at the grid you get from Q3. It’s always better to be in cleaner side. Particularly Monaco and Istanbul Park belong to the circuits where the difference from the clean to the dirty side of the track is even more significant compared to many other places. On Sunday my start was difficult, again. I could not get it properly from the line and it was one of the circuits where the run to the first corner is too short to be able to use the KERS system. I lost one place after the start, then one place in the first corner, too. After that fighting for the position I touched the rear tyre of Fernando Alonso’s car in turn 12 and I lost a piece of end plate from my front wing. Once that happened it affected the handling of my car. Some downforce disappeared and that cost us time in high speed corners of that circuit. We changed the wing during my first pit stop, but then it was too late to do anything. Obviously we were not fast enough to fight with front runners. But it was unexpected that we lost some race pace to Williams and Toyota, too. I think it had more to do with the nature of this circuit and with the high temperature, too. Without the broken wing accident we could have easily taken 1-2 points. It’s a shame to finish the race in P9, which is not giving anything to anybody. There is no reason to give up the fight. We just have be patient and work hard. There is potential to get better results after we got everything nicely together with the package. I wish everything goes better in the next race at Silverstone. It’s one my favourite places. We share a long tradition together and another podium would be a good result from there. The Ferrari has always gone well at that circuit, so hopefully that continues this year, too.