Australian GP - Kimi's column

21st March 2007
Mutual joy, the best joy! I have not been hiding being happy at Ferrari since arriving for the first time to Maranello. Now after the first Grand Prix with the team, I feel - if possible - even more happy. When we struck the deal with Ferrari, I was thinking, that it would be so nice to win as soon as possible for them. But in Melbourne it felt even better, when we managed to do it straight away in the race number one. I have never been able to do that before in the season opener. That made me feel especially good. When you win the first race with your new team, there is no way that you could have done it any sooner. So it is in a way like my winter dream coming true. And that is not all. While we got a pole from the qualifying and the fastest lap from the race, I would say that it could not have started any better with Ferrari. Probably it looked easy. They asked me on TV that was it like a walk in the Albert Park. But I can say no, it was not. There is not an easy win in motor racing. We had some minor problems during the race, but loosing the radio was a big one. The connection to the pitwall disappeared while I sat in the car in the grid. After that I could not hear anything. Luckily we made a good plan beforehand for the race. We had an idea and in that kind of moment, it was the only thing in my mind to follow. I knew that the start means so much for this race. So I just put my head down, fought and kept my place like I wanted. I was leading after the first corner and after that it was a little bit easier, although we did not have that radio connection to my engineer Chris Dyer. After the qualifying we knew that our race speed is strong like it turned out to be. I did not have to push it that hard. If we would have had the radio working, I could have gone faster. Once I fell asleep. I looked something else, my concentration failed a bit and so I finished locking the brakes. Even without the radio I knew that they would have said wake up, Kimi. We were lucky that there was no need for the safety car in this race. It could have caused a problem, while I would have not heard about it in the radio. We also controlled the lead, so it was good that there was no reason for employing the safety car. The team in the pitwall had an extra job, while they tried to inform me with the board. A couple of times we missed it and it was quite difficult to see because of the other teams and people in front of our board. It felt great, when I crossed the finish line and was able to celebrate with the guys in the pitwall. That was the moment I would not have missed at any price. It was good for the team to win, but the problem of my team mate during the qualifying was a pity to us all. We did not get the best possible result as a team, as we should have done. I hope our fans - the Tifosi - enjoyed this race. I really hope that they were able to share the joy I had there in the podium. I gladly dedicate this victory to all Ferrari fans around the world, but especially for them in Italy - and in Finland too. Hopefully we will win soon again.