Kimi Japan Preview

9th October 2008
We’ll give it everything to gain the best possible result. After the summer break everything went wrong and I couldn’t get the results I wanted. I could have won at Spa-Francorchamps, but apart from this race I couldn’t fight for victory. It’s never easy to cope with periods like that, but I can only hope that I’ll gain a good result at Fuji and at Shanghai. It’s not that we haven’t tried hard enough. Quite the opposite: we’ve given it everything. There are three races left to alter course. I’m a driver, I like racing and I want to go as fast as possible; that’s what I’ll do. Last year I collected 26 points over the last three races, but it’s much easier when you’re riding on a wave of positive results. When I didn’t gain points at Monza I knew that my chances were really small to win the title once more, but after Singapore they were completely gone. We have to be realistic and concentrate on the next season, when I’ll give it another go. For now I’ve just to concentrate on putting everything together and try to win again. I really want to help the Team to gain the titles. The objectives are the same as last year and we’ll fight to confirm what we’ve won back then. It will be really hard, but we’ll give it everything to gain the best possible result. We have to finish the race as far in the front as possible and go for one-two wins, starting at Fuji. The car has further improved and we’re ready to fight. It might rain at Fuji. This time of the year it’s a bit like Finland there, with far too much rain. We worked on the car’s set up for the wet track during our last tests at Mugello: we’ll see if it was enough to win in the rain. Last year I had a very good race, considering what happened on the first laps. It’s much easier when you start from the front when the track is wet. It was so difficult to see anything during the race. I have to say that I really like the track. It’s good for our car and there are some parts where you can overtake. Last year it was really exhausting. After Singapore I went to Phuket to chill out for a couple of days with some friends and I arrived in Tokyo this morning. I want to compliment my friend Toni Vilander on his FIA GT title with the F430 he won last Sunday with Gianmaria Bruni: they really deserved it. Well done! It’s never an accident when you win a Championship.