Kimi Bahrain review

7th April 2008
We went to Bahrain to get 1-2 result and we did it. Obviously it was the best possible achievement for the team. Whilst second place in the race is not the ideal result for me, it was a great weekend for Ferrari as we now lie second in the constructors championship by just one point. The team is really pushing hard to keep this momentum. This is it, what they really love here in Maranello: to see two Ferraris in the front. Felipe did a good job over the weekend. I struggled to find a decent set-up, especially on Saturday. The balance of the car was tricky at the beginning of the race - with all the oil on the circuit, but the race pace was good. However when you know your team mate is stopping one lap later then it makes life difficult. I am here just to win races. I am here to fight for the championships. Somehow it has never worked out for me there in Bahrain. I always want to win. That is my only passion. Obviously being second does not give the best of the feelings for me. And it never will. This was one of those difficult weekends that just come from time to time. But when the final result after this kind of a difficult weekend is the second place in the race and the leading position in the championship, I feel good. Leading the drivers' championship now, when you look back at the points after the first race in Melbourne, it's a great achievement. Obviously the most painful for us was the qualifying. At the start we knew that there is not that much to do. Felipe was in front of me. The cards where given and I did not have any joker in my hand. The BMW was not far behind. I said before going to Bahrain, that this year you really have to fight harder for every point you get. This is a long season and, obviously, it will be like this all year long. I managed to overtake Kubica, while he was struggling and he was on the wrong side for that corner. It was an important moment, because his race pace was good, too. I would not be too much surprised, if also BMW wins a race. I have a feeling that there will be races, where we are strong, there will be races, where BMWs are strong and there will be races, where McLarens are strong. Now the season moves on. The first three faraway races are behind and we go back to Europe. Traditionally it means always a new chapter for the championship. I look forward to the next race in Barcelona. The team is still pushing 100% to make sure we keep ahead of our main rivals.