Kimi COLUMN Malaysian review

25th March 2008
The speed is there Obviously, it was great to win again. I've got a real nice feeling while flying back home after the race on Sunday evening. The race was run exactly according to our plan. While we don't have any problems, the speed is there. No doubt about that. Our car is strong enough to take and keep the first place. It should have been enough already in Australia, but that was one of those weekends, while nothing works as you want. Again in Malaysia the Friday was not ours. We run out of a fuel just after starting to work. Obviously, anything can happen. We lost the first session, but, of course, it was just our own fault, and had nothing to do with the car. The qualifying could have been better. But like I always say, it does not matter afterwards. Only the result counts. The race, however, was next to a perfect and we did not have a single problem from the start to the finish line. I've got a good start and if I would have really fought to the limit, propably I would have taken the lead. Obviously, with Felipe we knew each other's fuel levels so there was no sense to start pushing against my team mate. I just let it be and decided to wait for the pit stop. It's pretty difficult to follow close the leading car. But I just had to keep close enough, while we had just one lap to take the lead after Felipe pitted. I can tell it's a huge difference while you can go flat out to the empty track and in a clean air. Without looking the numbers I think the car was half a second quicker while I was there alone. I managed to overtake Felipe as we planned it and when there was something happening to him and he suddenly disappeared from my mirrors, I knew that we are going to win that race if there are no problems occuring to us, too. It was an easy victory. We just took it really easy and saved the car for the next race. I could have gone much faster, but there was no need for that. I won my first ever Grand Prix in Malaysia, too. As I remember, it was also pretty easy back then five years ago. It just shows that when the car is working well, Sepang seems to suit well for me. I was asked that did we start our season only in Malaysia. It was not the case. We had already one point from Melbourne. We have been there in the fight with the others since the race one. That one point is good to have. The boys at Ferrari really know how to take these things. We did not panic after the bad race in Australia and now after Malaysia there is no way we would start thinking too much of ourselves. This is going to be a very tight battle all year long. I said before the first race that this is a really long season. Now we have just started and nobody can say what happens next. Obviously, we have the winning car. While everything works well, we have the speed to win races. We have to get the qualifying in a better shape. When the qualifying performance is there, it helps a lot also for the race. It is just nice to be at home, for a change. It was damned hot back there in Australia and Malaysia. It will be hot in Bahrain, too, but after those two first weekends it does not feel that tough anymore. Let's just wait and see, what we are able to do there.