Kimi Column - Post Australian GP

18th March 2008
No use to cry I really do not have that much to say about the first race weekend. The best thing is, it's all behind us. We had difficulties from the beginning and we could not operate according to our plans at all. Obviously, it was a disappointing start for the season for all of us in the team. In the end of the day it does not matter, what happened on Friday, what happened on Saturday, or what happened on Sunday, while we could not have finished the race in any case. There is no use to cry afterwards. It does not change anything anymore. The result is what it is. After all the problems we had, however, we still managed to get one point. Every single point is always a bonus in this business. We saw last year after the final race how important even one point can be. For me, right now, getting one point from Australia is better than nothing, but let's wait and see, what it brings along this time. Talking about the realibility. Of course, lacking it, is not a good thing. But the team back there in Maranello works really hard to solve our problems to get rid off them. We just need to improve so that we get a clean weekend and to get everything working properly in the car. I am not worried about the performance and the competitiveness of the car. The opening race was like it was, but, any way, we have a good car. If anything, we are not lacking the speed. We just had to take all kind of compromises to the race. While we had to start so far behind, we were stuck in the traffic all the time. We got a good straightforward start, but after that I was behind somebody else all the time. The car had the speed, no question about that, but you are not able to use terribly much of it in the race like this. Obviously, to overtake is always difficult. While you sometimes try, you are not able to keep it on the road. Hopefully we get everything working well in Malaysia. I do not believe that we have any problems with the speed down there either. Malaysia has been a quite good race for me. I won my first Grand Prix there five years ago. You can do fine there, if you just manage to avoid the technical problems. It is hot there, but it is same for everybody. It has never been that big deal for me. It was already very hot in Melbourne, too. It won't be terribly that much hotter in Malaysia. That is for sure. It is going to be long season. Now all we have to do is to get much more points. At least we will try our very best. How good or bad it has been, this team will never loose its' focus and commitment. Ferrari will be back!