Kimi Column - Australia preview

9th March 2008
Great to start racing again I am racing driver. So, obviously, all I want to do is to race again. That is my job. Most of all I love it and I just cannot wait for the moment to get the new season on its way. It feels that the time has flown since last October. I've had a nice break and I believe we are going to Melbourne with a competitive car. Everything looks to be in a good shape. Probably I have never started a new season with such a good feeling. The car should be good. At least, we have done all we could. It felt good in testing and, obviously, we expect it to feel as good in racing, too. The winter testing has gone well. The car is a nice step forward from last year. Ferrari have done a great job to improve the areas that needed to be improved. We asked some things to be changed during the last season and everything has been done. The car has been improved in the slow corners and over the curbs. We should be strong in every place, but beforehand you never know it for sure. I never want to look back, but let's make an exception this time. Last season was finished in just a fantastic way that I will never ever forget it, any way. It felt great to have finally won the championship. I've been close on a couple of occasions, but to finally win it with Ferrari in my first year has made it even more special. I really enjoyed celebrating my championship win straight after the season. During the festive period I spent the Christmas at home in Finland and then went on holiday to Dubai to celebrate the new year with my wife and friends. It is nice to have a break and just chill out after a tough season. The only thing that was different compared to previous winters was that I had one test session before the Christmas. It was important to try the car without traction control and with the new electronics. It was interesting and, most of all, I've got a good feeling with it. Then we got the new car in the beginning of January and the tests got under its way. It was good to have two new cars so early, so we both with Felipe got a chance to test a lot and, of course, it was good for the team to get so much more data about all the new systems. I was satisfied with how the tests went. We should have a strong, fast and reliable package. We should be there fighting for the wins and, hopefully, the championships, too. Personally I feel there is big difference to start this season compared to last year. I know the team and how they work. There will be no surprises. I've built up a good relationship with my engineers and we understand each other and they also know how I like to have my car set up. The first stage is again Australia. I enjoy racing in Melbourne and it is nice to have won there already. The circuit is very slippery at the beginning due to being only used once per year. Braking without the engine brake is a bit more tricky but we've had many tests now and a driver adapts quickly. I have good memories from last year, while we dominated the whole weekend. We got it nicely together and we won the race from the pole. It is always nice to get off to a good start. I know it happened last year, but we sort of lost our way after that. It would be nice to be leading the championship with the other drivers playing catch up. Every year we go to the same track and nobody knows what the other teams have done in testing with fuel levels. I have always said I feel Ferrari are competitive, but we will only find out for sure in Melbourne.