Kimi's column

17th November 2007
The best news. Obviously it was the news I wished to hear. Finally it is all clear. We are the champions and there is nothing to be said about that anymore. I can honestly tell that I did not stress this ICA affair at all. Nothing had changed since the stewards went it through after the race in Brazil. One team just wanted to have a go at it. Now it is over. I think it is good for the sports and, obviously, it is good for me and for Ferrari. Earlier on I lost the title twice at the final stages of the season. I still can feel how it hurt. Winning for me is everything. Now I can say that it feels even better while you have lost it before you finally succeed to win it. We did a great job as a team. We had a good plan how to deal with the season. We had some difficult moments, but we focused on our own doings and the final result tells everything. We showed to the whole world that you should always try your very best until the very finish. When you clinch the championship like this, you will never forget this great feeling. I have felt great all the time since Brazilian Grand Prix. Now when this last mess was wiped off, I can enjoy my holiday even a little bit more. On Friday I waited to hear the news at home in Switzerland. We have had a nice autumn weather. I have been working out and, of course, chilling out with my closest friends. It is good to have a chance to charge the batteries while it does not take that long to dash along again everywhere. I have heard that there is a lot of program for me in the beginning of December. The team has been working hard. They tested in Barcelona and what I have heard, everything looks very promising. I am looking forward to start testing again. I will start in Jerez in early December. It will be very interesting to feel how the driving is while the wheels really spin in every corner. After the test there will be the FIA prize-giving ceremony in Monaco. It feels great to go there and get the championship trophy for the first time in my career. I have never been so keen on that kind of gala evenings, but this time it is different. Obviously my festive spirit is sky high, while we have so much to celebrate with the team.