Brazilian GP - Kimi's column

23rd October 2007
We are the champions! I am so happy that it almost hurts. This is THE BIGGEST THING that I have been dreaming of since I was a small boy - to be the champion of the world. I was seven when I first time saw a racing circuit. It was a very old and small circuit called Bembole. It was just five kilometres from my home and, for me, it was the most precious place just like my home. Now 21 years later I have a lot of favourite circuits all around the world. Obviously, the most precious being now Interlagos - more than 5000 kilometres from my home. I have always said that my target is to become a champion. A couple of times we got quite close. Finally everything went in our way. We have always given all we got and put our best effort to win. To win in this sport you have push harder and harder until the very finish. You never now what can happen in the race. Look and see what happened during the three last Grands Prix and you know, what I mean. Fuji was awful for us. We were sent to the back of the field. It destroyed our plans and there is nothing to remember from that race. It really hurt to slip 17 points behind the leader without being able to fight properly. I bet we could have counted with tens fingers the people outside our team who believed that we can still make it. But we did not give up. In a way we believed in miracles. China was like a real jackpot for us. We won the race and the leader did not get anything. It gave some more hope, but still there was no way that we could have started to think about the championship. The final race was really exciting, because there were no DNFs for the top guys. We got the best start of the season and we could have got the lead already to the first corner. But we had a plan and fighting rough against Felipe was excluded. Then we saw in the third corner McLarens going side by side. After that Hamilton went out and dropped somewhere to place 17. It was that moment when I realised we got the chance we had been hoping for. Obviously, without any doubt, that first lap was decisive for this championship. It was a great race. I probably had the best feeling I have ever had inside the car. The whole package worked fine. It was a like birthday present from the angels. I could have gone much faster. I thank Felipe for the best help and support. He did everything like a perfect team mate could have done. As a team we could not any better result as 1-2 for Ferrari. The most stressful time came just after we finished the race. I asked the team, where is Hamilton. It took ages and I heard nothing from the radio. Then finally Chris told that he was seventh. At that moment my heart almost burst of the joy. That was it. I am the world champion! I thank all you guys who have been supporting and helping me over the years. I love you all - truly. I thank my team. It is just great to be a member of the greatest racing team of all times. This season I have enjoyed being in F1 more than I did in all my previous six years all together. If anything, I dreamed of winning the championship with Ferrari. I bet every racing driver has the same dream. This team never takes a break. All of us work very hard and we never give up. We had some bad moments, but every time we managed to strike back. It was something that shows how good the team really is. I thank the team. I thank all of our sponsors. We have the package of the champions. Now we have some official celebrations and after that I take a proper holiday. We are the champions!