Chinese GP - Kimi's column

9th October 2007
The speed is there. I had the greatest feeling on Sunday evening. We did not quite get the maximal result from these two races in the Far East, but never mind that. We had the speed to win them both. That is the most important fact while looking at the big final in Brazil. It did not look that good after Fuji, but we got it right in Shanghai. The hope is still there. It is good to go to the last race and still to be able to fight for the championship. Obviously, it would have been even better, if Alonso, too, would not have got any points from China. But, most of all, the most significant result for us was the first DNF of Hamilton. The championship has not been in our own hands since our second DNF in Nurburgring. Still, the only way we can approach the final is just to make sure we are able to do our very best. We got to get our cars in the speed to finish 1-2 at Interlagos. If we manage to do that, it will, obviously, still be up to how the other two drivers go in the race. All we can do is to try to win the race. Who is winning the championship, depends on the McLarens. In Shanghai I was very confident with the car since the first lap on Friday practice. We knew all the time that we have a very strong race car - what ever the weather will be. In the end of the day it was a matter of getting the balance right for the right moment. We listened to the weather men and acted accordingly. We knew we had to be patient in the beginning of the race, while we set up the car so that we could attack after the track started to dry up. We lost the pole, although I did a very good lap in Q3. Hamilton had less fuel and it was impossible to beat him then. After the start we had some difficulties. We had so much understeer and the car did not turn properly to any of those corners. It took some time, but finally it came better and better and we managed to catch Hamilton. Because of the yellow flags we had to wait. I had to lift my foot almost in every corner. I was already besides him, but I had to back off. There was not sense to push too hard and destroy it all. Then the flags disappeared. Hamilton went a little bit wide and we were in front. Obviously, it did not change anything, but it was good to get pass him. After that we just concentrated on our own race and brought the car safely back home. I was asked, was this the sweetest victory for me as a Ferrari driver. It was my first P1 in a wet race for Ferrari, it was a difficult one and I had a real good feeling. But still it could have been better without that mystery at Fuji with the sudden tyre rule. Now we are back in the fight. Once before I have been able to fight for the title in the final race. It was then Michael who led by nine points. Now it is Hamilton, who is seven points and Alonso, who is three points ahead of me. It is not any easier this time. But you never now what happens in the race. Michael got only one point in 2003. I just hope that Lewis is not able to get any more than that. With Fernando there is more to play with. Ferrari has now won 200 Grands Prix. I have had just a small part in that great history, but I am very proud to be a member of this legendary team. 200 wins just proves that Ferrari always strikes back. Good for us!