Japanese GP - Kimi's column

2nd October 2007
The worst of moments. What have I said? Everything can happen in motor racing. That is the reason why I have never been so keen to say too much before the races. We went to Japan in a quite difficult point situation. Now we have to deal what happened there and, for sure, now it looks much worse. But there is nothing we can do for it anymore. Obviously, we have just a little hope for the championship. But it is better to have a slight hope than no hope at all. We will not give up. No way. We are fighters and we will prove it again. Now we just do our very best to win these two last races. It is up to the others how we finish in the championship. I still believe that we had the speed to win the Japanese Grand Prix. It was not the rainy weather that stopped us winning. We did not get the real chance, because all in the sudden there was this rule that you are able to use only the full wet tyre in the start. If we would have known about it, obviously, we would have changed the tyre before the start. When you make this kind of an important decision, you should make it for sure, that all the teams know about it early enough. Now we got the information of the rule while we were already in the race. Of course, it was a big risk to start with the intermediate tires, but, hey, we had to gamble. While the McLarens were in front of us, to fight for the championship, we had to try to overtake them both. To really try to win, you just have to try something different compared to your competitors. If you are in the front and lead the championship, then you just play it safe and try not to loose too many points. It was a terrible moment, while I was told to come in and change the tyres or we will get black-flagged. While coming in I knew that our race looked nothing but good. Really, you could have gone home knowing that we did not fight for the win anymore. I was asked, was it the most difficult race I have ever had. I do not know. Every time when it rains, it is as difficult as it was at Fuji. If you are there behind, you are not able to see anything through that water wall. If you come behind all the others, you just have to hope that nobody slows down too much in the driving line. We managed to climb there from the last position back to third. But every single overtaking took ages. I managed to catch also Heikki Kovalainen before the finish and I passed also him, but then he got me back in the exit of that corner. It was a great result for my friend Heikki and for his future, but for me finishing second would have almost been the same like the third place. We should have finished first. Only that result would have helped us. It looks like Hamilton has wrapped it up, but we will not give up. At least we try to make it more difficult for them by winning these last two races. Now we are heading for China. I have never won in Shanghai, but I have finished second and third there. It is quite normal circuit. Shanghai suits us as well as any other place. Just let's wait and see how it starts to go there. We push hard until the very finish and on Sunday evening we hope to have the best feelings again.