Belgian GP - Kimi's column

19th September 2007
It was cool! It was cool! What a great race. We did not have the slightest problem during the whole weekend. I manage to dominate the race from the start to the finish line. Sometimes there are certain circuits, whereby everything seems to run smoothly and then there are other circuits - like Nurburging - where I have no luck at all. I bet every driver likes Spa. For me it is the greatest racing circuit in the world. It is my favourite place - numero uno. That is for sure. I have loved the place since my first ever visit there in 2000 with Formula Renault. We were beaten in Monza, but now we got the Belgium Grand Prix in the way we wanted to. We gained more points to the leader than we lost in the previous race. We expected McLaren to be competitive in qualifying also in Spa, but Ferrari also expected to enjoy a better race pace. It was a question to get the set-up right. We went to our own direction. We took less wing, while we counted that we won't loose too much in the big corners there in the middle sector. The qualifying was really tight. I've got a good start for the last lap and then I just tried to hang on there. I did not know the lap times before I saw that we got the pole. I've got a really good feeling already on Saturday evening. We have had strong starts and there is no reason to stress too much for that. Now we got the start right again. Felipe came close, but I had a better line and manage to get first out from the turn one. The McLarens were fighting against each other there. I've seen a reply of their incident and it was hard racing. I did not see anything unfair. As we approach the final three races, it is going to be hard racing all the way. I really enjoyed the Belgium Grand Prix. After the successful start I managed to go quickly enough to get a proper gap to Felipe before the first pit stop. The gap was big enough after the stops and it was just a question to bring the car safely back home. The backmarkers cost some time, because some of them did not seem to care too much of the blue flags. This win gave the best of the feelings for me. I was in a really good mood going back home. Afterwards I enjoyed good food and the Finnish Sauna with some friends in Wollerau. I am not going to test. I just put my neck in 100 % condition for the next two back-to-back races. I did not have any problems because of the neck, but it is still very stiff. I will fly to Japan in the beginning of the next week. I cannot say anything about the Fuji circuit, because I have never raced there. But there is nothing to worry. I will walk around the place on Thursday and you only learn the circuit while driving F1 car there on Friday. They say that Fuji could suit better for McLaren. We are not able to change the circuit, but we are able to work on our own car. That is what the team is doing in Jerez - with 110 % effort the car to be competitive for the Japanese Grand Prix. Thirteen points is the gap to the leader. It is still a lot, but here we come.