Belgian GP - "I always liked this circuit"

13th September 2007
A two times winner here in Belgium, Kimi Raikkonen faced the media in the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro media motorhome on a day when the weather gods, such an important element here, were in a warm sunny mood. The Finn did not want to consider the situation in evolving in Paris, so he had this to say about his championship title chances with four races remaining. "My position in the championship has not really changed in the last couple of races," maintained Raikkonen. "Let's see how we go this weekend, but while it is still possible I will still believe in my chances." With only a few days having passed since Raikkonen's heavy crash on Saturday in Monza, the journalists were keen to know if he had recovered fully on the physical front. "My neck is better than it was last Sunday, but I will not have a clear idea what condition it is in until after I have driven in tomorrow's practice," said the Finn. "But I expect it will be okay." After a two year gap, the F1 teams were given a unique opportunity to test at this circuit back in July. "I think we had a good test here, although it was a while ago and I reckon our car will definitely be more competitive here than it was last weekend," commented Kimi. "Again, we will have a clearer picture tomorrow. The track itself is not that much different to the way it used to be, apart from modifications at the chicane. The pit lane entrance is not dangerous, although in testing we do not tackle it at full speed. But it is tricky and could be a problem if someone is in difficulty. It could get blocked and then, no one could get through. Eau Rouge corner is still fun, but when I first came here with Sauber it was much more challenging and maybe scary, but now for Formula 1 cars it is no longer a challenge. I always liked this circuit, always done quite well and hope I can continue with that. The race can be made more difficult by the weather: it is never a straightforward race, but hopefully we can be strong and do well." In order to score points and think of wins, first a car must make it to the finish and the Ferrari driver admitted this had not always been the case with the F2007. "Reliability has not been our strongest point this year but we are constantly working on it, even if it is still costing too many points and it is definitely something we have to improve on for the future. Of course we were not happy after Monza, as we had expected to be stronger than McLaren in the race." And Paris? "I don't want to talk about it until we know what is happening. For me the atmosphere within the team at the track is the same and all I would say is that it will be nice to reach a decision on this matter."