Belgian GP - Kimi's column

12th September 2007
It hurt. It was not that kind of a weekend I expected in Monza. Not at all. It was difficult all the time. We went there to challenge for a win. We knew beforehand that we have to gamble, because we were only interested in winning this race. The fact is that McLaren goes very fast in Monza. We knew that already before the test session there. I was with them for five years and every time the car was competitive at least in Monza. Last year it was a bad car, but still I could go very quickly over the Monza kerbs and I've got a pole there. This race, obviously, was over for me already after the practice on Saturday morning. What happened and why it happened, that I do not know. I just approached the Ascari corner and came to the braking with the speed a little under 300 kph. I locked the rear brakes and the rear took off on that bumpy spot. With that speed, there is nothing you can do. Nothing at all. It went to the right. That was a shame, because this time that side was taken. It went to the grass and after that there was nothing to do, but take the impact. And it hurt. It hurt very hard. My neck was stiff, probably stiffer than ever before. We did everything we could, but there was not time enough to recover properly. It is always like that after a shunt like this. Next day is the worst. This time it was the day of the race. A couple of days more and it would have been totally different story for me. For sure this Monza is the most painful race I have ever had. It is difficult, when you are not able to keep your head up. Obviously, while breaking you cannot see the corners in the normal way. But we lost, because we simply were not quick enough during the whole weekend. We could have been second, but I was not able to keep that position. I saw Hamilton coming close in the straight. I simply could not brake later, while he was attacking with fresh soft rubber. I was not at my best. After the race I had to take some painkillers and now I have been taking it easy. It is good there this time enough to rest for a couple of days. I will be 100% fit while we go to Belgium on Thursday. That is my favourite circuit. It is just a great place. I love Spa. I loved it before the changes they have done and I still love it as it is now. We had a good test there in July. Now we go back to normal circuits and Ferrari will be much stronger again compared to Monza or Montreal, both being those kind of different races. Spa offers very challenging high-speed corners. We will do our very best to win this race. I have been there in the middle of the podium after two previous races and I want to be there again. We will fight for the championship as long as there is any hope. We will not give anything for granted to our competitors. Everybody in the team fights hard. We have a very good feeling going to this race. This fight is not over yet.