Turkish GP - Kimi's column

28th August 2007
Getting closer. The most positive things first. I went to Turkey expecting to come back from there with a smaller point gap to the leader. And it happened. Honestly I can confess me counting, that if we get everything right, that gap will be reduced by four points. Obviously, we did not get our act properly together, not in the way like I hoped for, but still we got what we were looking for. Hamilton is now four points closer. It was the best thing of the whole weekend in my point of view. I have been asked after every race, how will it go in the championship. Every time I have replied that we will not know that before we finish the last race in Brazil. So many things can happen during every race. We got a good example in Istanbul. Hamilton was once again about to get good points, while suddenly his tyre broke up. He still got points, but, obviously, not in the way he himself was hoping for. It is for sure, that he will fight hard until the very finish. But so will we. I am not going to give anything away as granted. We will push as hard as we can, if at all possible, in every single race. I knew the result for the Turkish Grand Prix already after the qualifying. If we could have got Saturday right, I would most likely have taken the pole. But while I lost to my teammate and had to start behind him, my chips were played already before the start. You are not even able to try, while you race against your own teammate. We both know quite well, when the other one will stop. There is not that much to do, if you are behind and then stop first. That is the way it goes in F1 right now. Who ever is in the front, is the chief of the race if you on the same strategy. The way the rules are, you are not able to hang behind the other car to chase a chance for an overtaking manoeuvre. The turbulence is there. Every time when you get close enough, the car starts to understeer heavily. To overtake you would have to be at least one second quicker than the car in the front or then the guy in the front has to make a mistake. That is a fact, unfortunately. I got once close enough to Felipe, but it was too late of the running time in that stint. We just drove along. My car was really, really good. I could have gone much faster. But, most of all, we needed a good result as a team, so there was no way to take any silly risks. The way it went, we still managed to reduce the gap to the leaders. It felt good. But, for me, the race itself was again as boring as it was in Hungary. To think of the weekend afterwards does not change anything. I made a mistake in the final lap of Q3 and I paid the price for that. Hopefully next time we are able to get everything right during the qualifying until the very finish. Now we push hard for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. I am testing for two days. I have a good feeling that Ferrari will have a very strong car also for the home race. For me it will be the first home race as a Ferrari driver. I must say, it feels different to go there as a member of the red team. I have always had a good relationship with the tifosi. It would ge great to win there together with them. It will be tough. I know that McLaren will be closer to us again. They can build a good, strong car for Monza every time. I was in pole with them last year. I have not personally won for some time, but our team in British F3 had a great weekend in Thruxton. Stevie (Jelley) and Atte (Mustonen) won a race for the first time. That is the way to go, guys. Keep on the good work!