Turkish GP - Kimi's column

22nd August 2007
Back to business. The holiday is over. It went by as I had hoped for. I enjoyed the summertime in Finland with my family and friends. We went out to the sea, we did some motocross, we played some tennis and, most importantly, we were just chilling out. I am ready to roll again. Now the last part of the season starts and the stakes are at their highest. We are heading for three races in four weeks' time. That means hectic times for everybody. But these are the three races that I have been looking forward the most. Istanbul, Monza and Spa are the circuits that I have always liked very much. They are the circuits where Ferrari should have a very competitive car. There is not a single element that should be against us. We are pushing all the time. Even during the holiday period the factory gives 110% to get more out of the package. During the break I spoke with the team on couple occasions. The team has managed to bring one or two improvements to the car. We have such a good harmony inside the team. Like I said at the Shell promotion in Helsinki, now I know the difference of being a Ferrari or a McLaren driver. We focus fully on our own doings. I will treat the final races as I have done the previous GP's this season since the end of the spring. Obviously I just try to win and to get the maximum points from each race and then wait and see what that brings at the end of the championship. It is not a question of any kind of final sprint. We just have to use all the possible opportunities and hope that the leaders are struggling a little bit. I do not have that much to loose. We can take more risks compared to the McLaren boys. They have much more to loose. Six races might seem quite a short period of time for us, but it must feel very long for the ones in the lead of the championship. One bad moment can change a lot. Like we saw last weekend in the German rally. One bad moment for Marcus Gronholm cost a lot of points from his lead of the championship. Now we head for Turkey. I have won there once at the very first race. I rank all my wins as special but that one was extra special, because It was a new circuit at the time. As usual, nowadays you need a very good aerodynamic car to go fast in Istanbul. This track is similar Spa and Silverstone in layout so Ferrari should have a competitive car. We drive anti-clockwise there. The set up will not change really, but it does give the neck muscles a tough time. It is for sure that again people will talk a lot about the Turn 8. It does not have the history of Eau Rouge of Spa, but it is demanding in its own way. It is nice to have more different kinds of fast corners. Everybody likes to have more that kind of new challenges. I just look forward to start the training session on Friday there.