Hungarian GP - Kimi's column

8th August 2007
Holiday time. I have been waiting for this. Holiday time, at last. I guess everybody thinks in a same way of this. It is just so nice feeling to get rid of all your work for a while. Once again I did not make any plans beforehand how to spend this short break. I just go with the flow and let it take me where it feels the best. So let's go to the see, let's play a game of golf, let's ride with HD and, most of all, let's relax. The summer of Finland cannot improve from this. It is foolproof, so now it is the time to enjoy it flat out. Also the timing is good to charge the batteries. Four last races in six weeks was pretty rough. It is good for the whole team to have some time of our own, although there are, even now, things happening in the factory all the time. To have even better feeling we should have won the last race in Hungary. We were second only to one, but, for our side, he was the worst of them all. Hamilton was leading before and now after Hungary the gap to him is twenty points. I raced all of the time in P2 behind Hamilton. We had very good speed in our car. If I could have gone alone, I would have gone much faster. Before the last lap we took some distance to Hamilton and we went for it just to test the speed. We got the fastest lap, so we proved that the speed to win was there. Hamilton is a good driver. He did not make any mistakes. I was looking for a chance behind him, but because of he did not make any mistake, I did not even get close enough. We knew already before the qualifying that we had a strong car for the race. To get to the front we tried our very best to guess the fuel strategy of McLaren, but this time we did not get it right. That was the reason why there was nothing to do during the pitstops. We just stuck second for the whole race. I do not like races like that. It became pretty boring. The circuit is challenging. No question about that. But you have to get qualifying right. Now we got a long check list for that - 70 laps long... We have not lost the championship. That is for sure. The gap to the leaders has been there for some races, but there is no reason to give up. We have a good and very fast car as long as it finishes the races. I guess Hungaroring was the last circuit, where we beforehand expected to have some problems against McLaren. Now we are looking forward for the next races. During the last four races we had the faster car than McLaren. While we won two times in a row in Magny-Cours and Silverstone, we gained eight points to the leader. I am certain that if we would return to some circuit where we raced earlier, we would be much more competitive also there. The next circuits should be good for our car. When the circuit is a little bit faster and there are longer straight lines, Ferrari is really going well. Istanbul, Monza and Spa are those kinds of places, where we are able to get the best weekends as a team. When we got things together in the best way with Felipe, it should give us one-two results. I know it is difficult to win six races in a row, but, for sure, we try to do it. If there is any luck, we can catch the leaders. But in the end of the day the most important thing is what they are able to do. If they finish all the races and gain good points, it is very difficult to catch and pass them. But the fight will go on - after the holiday.